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Mr. J. George

One cannot run away from the responsibility of tomorrow by deceiving it today. In our lives, the omnipresence of responsibility, which is a fundamental value in our journey from childhood to adulthood, is crystal clear. In any enterprise, responsibility indoctrinates a forefront to opportunities and progress.  At the MSAW, the fulfilment of responsibilities for a potential progress in the Society and for an expansion in the animal welfare emerges as our immediate valuable goal.  Our animals are the linchpin of the MSAW and we owe them everything.

Since I joined the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare, the situation of the organisation and the predominant strained economic and social condition the pandemic has put the country in were ultimately challenging. Being myself a fervent animal lover, I have taken up the gauntlet with the firm belief that all our actions in this life and beyond are answerable before God.

Honouring the Minister’s vision, the Society will gradually move towards an ethical treatment of animals by decamping from the worthless ‘catch and kill’ policy to adopt a humane, comprehensive nation-wide Dog Management Program, whilst both embracing and promoting a culture of animal welfare across the country.

We have noticed beyond a shadow of doubt that the situation of animal welfare in Mauritius is unacceptable with rampant cases of animal abandonment, abuse and illegal breeding. Mauritius is currently facing a rapidly deteriorating canine and feline overpopulation due to civilians not sterilising their pets and dumping them or their litters on the streets. The overcrowding is further exacerbated by numerous illegal breeders, specifically people who despite not having a breeder’s licence from the DVS, are engaging in breeding of breed and cross-breed dogs, a phenomenon which has mushroomed all over the island. Simultaneously, there is an escalation animal in abuse cases. All these necessitate tougher animal welfare legislation and healthier enforcement of these laws. We are currently championing proposals for both legislative and regulatory reforms.

To implant a breath of fresh air in the organisation, my partners’ contribution is foundational. As one says, one piece of log makes a small fire but adding some more pieces will blast an immense bonfire. In this venture, the help of each and every one is integral.

I believe in a collaborative approach and have therefore, since my appointment, there has been dynamic interactions with both local and foreign stakeholders who have contributed in offering their help, advice and expertise.

I therefore place my entire trust in each and every one in my team and in the animal welfare community, to accomplish together and in a spirit of positivity, our core responsibility by improving the animal welfare for the country, the environment and for our torchbearers, our animals.  

In loving memory of my four-legged partner who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Forever in my heart!