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Chairman's message


Mr. D. Pursun

As Chairperson of the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW), I am very pleased to acknowledge that there are so many animal lovers and organisations endeavouring for the welfare of animals throughout the State of Mauritius. Equally, our citizens have shown a growing affinity for pets, be it dogs, cats, rabbits among others and they do not hesitate to rush to the veterinarians upon the slightest symptoms of illness noted in their fur/feather friends

Our pet animals are complete members of our family and they will strive hard and playfully to gain our attention. In return it is our duty to treat them well in a spirit of gratitude for the joy they bring to our lives. As the institution responsible for animal welfare, the MSAW caters for the well-being and the health of the animals in Mauritius, Rodrigues and other outer islands.

The MSAW derives its authority from the Animal Welfare Act 2013 and through which the duty for the control of stray animals emanates. However, we need to swim with the tide and as time goes by we are called to advise on amendments of the statute where it so requires.